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Data Recovery


Is your PC in need of repair? Not booting up or just getting very, very sluggish? No matter what the issue is you can count on us to provide you with the proper solution.

Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. Doesn't it seem like your computer always needs repair at the worst times? Perhaps your final paper is due for a class or you simply cannot do the work you need to. Whatever the case, getting your PC repaired is essential.

PCs running any version of Windows need frequent maintenance and updating, especially if connected to an always-on broadband connection. New vulnerabilities are always found and patched. Keeping your computer up-to-date with service packs and critical updates should be a priority to any computer user.

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As you use your Personal Computer for more and more advanced tasks, the demand placed on your PC becomes greater and greater, resulting in a sluggish, slow responding system, which is far from a pleasure to use!

Most PC's can benefit greatly from a minor upgrade, the most popular being a memory upgrade. Upgrading your systems memory normally is the most cost effective way of improving performance.

There are many options when upgrading a PC, from the simple memory upgrade as mentioned above, to a full motherboard and processor replacement. Perhaps you simply need more space to store files, in which case an additional or replacement hard drive would solve your problem.

We will offer our opinion as to what your system requires to function at its best, and if that goes beyond a simple repair or if we feel a repair would be inappropriate given the age or requirements you have for your PC; we will tell you honestly.

We are happy to advise on upgrades and/or replacement where that is necessary, but we are able to repair or upgrade older computers where this is both cost effective and suitable for our clients.

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We offer networking services for home and business. Whether you need a simple network for your home to share printers and Internet access or a robust, fault-tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help.

Today's small office / home office (SOHO) networking products are made so that anyone can plug one in and get a simple network up and running. Along with this ease of use comes a large gap in information security, particularly with wireless networking products, but for the average home user this does not pose a problem.

Making sure no one can access your data or use your shared Internet service without your knowledge or consent is your own responsibility. If someone uses your Internet services to perform illegal activities you may be held accountable.

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Technology has revolutionized business practices and operations. With technology has come an increasingly confusing array of computer security issues. Are you practicing safe computer? Do you have procedures to minimize the damage to business operations or access to your personal data on your home systems? TJ's Tech Solutions can help show you the basics of protecting your business and home computer systems.

Are you aware of all the different ways that private and potentially sensitive data (such as email, credit card numbers, family data, etc) can be seen by other people you do not know or trust? TJ's Tech Solutions can do a security assessment of your current network, PC applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and Internet access. As part of our standard services, we can set up a firewall to protect your network against outside intruders.

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Data Recovery

Data lost? Backup failed? It can happen to anyone at any time and our experience recovering data proves it happens. Data loss affects entire business networks, not simply individual users, or departments. TJ's Tech Solutions offers a full range of data recovery solutions to address nearly any data loss situation no matter what caused the data loss.
Causes of data loss:
Data Recovery is a simple procedure (only time consuming) as long as the hard drive is recognized by BIOS and the hard drisk is spinning, which is the case about 80% of the time. Only about 20% of cases have physical damage to the hard drive and data can not be recovered.

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We are proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati

We invite you to click on the image above to see our reliability rating with the BBB

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